Kent Gardens Elementary School's "One & Done" Fundraiser 

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It's not too late! Help us reach 75% family participation!

"One & Done" is the main fundraiser at Kent Gardens and it's just like it sounds... You make one contribution and you're done! When you contribute to "One & Done," you help Kent Gardens Elementary remain an exciting, vibrant, and thriving school. Your contribution helps purchase laptops for upper grades, provide teacher training and state-of-the-art educational materials for classrooms, award scholarships so all students can participate in school activities, and purchase supplies our school needs.

Help reach the goal with 75% family participation!  

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Project by: Kent Gardens PTA


Donation Amount


153 backers

Kent Gardens Supporter

Example: Purchase handwriting journals used in first and second grade


31 backers

Kent Gardens Friend

Example: Sponsor one KG teacher to purchase needed classroom materials


6 backers

Kent Gardens Champion

Example: Buy new musical instruments (maracas, clave, cymbals)


1 backers

Kent Gardens Visionary

Example: Buy one new laptop for testing, individualized instruction, collaborating with classmates


1 backers

Kent Gardens Superstar

Example: Pays for 1/3 of a set of Lucy Calkins curriculum books, state-of-the-art reading materials proven to greatly enhance literacy outcomes at every reading level.


4 backers

Kent Gardens Idol

Example: Buy 2 HP Pro Book laptops for upper grades. Help us get to 1:1!


0 backers

Kent Gardens Hero

Example: Support our teachers! Pay for 1/4 of the Summer Reading Institute for 10 Kent Gardens teachers