Art for the Artless

We don't have an art program in our elementary. Help me offer a summer enrichment course to inspire our students to create using technology.


Hello, my name is Brenda Muench. I am the k-3 Music teacher and k-12 Technology Integration Specialist at Iroquois West CUSD 10 in Gilman, IL. Iroquois West is located in a rural area on the east side of the state of Illinois. We are a consolidated school district of 4 towns with a population that is economically depressed. I have worked in this district my entire 16 year teaching career and as long as I have been here there has NEVER been an art program at the k-5 level. It saddens me greatly that many of our students will not fully develop their artistic abilities.

This needs to change!

So this summer we are offering a week long "Facing the Art and Technology" Class that will focus on drawing portraits and manipulating them on the set of 20 school iPads that we share. We will be using apps like SketchBookX and Tux Paint to draw our portraits. Then we will manipulate them using apps like Percolator, Popsicolor, and DIY Pop.

We will also be offering a 2nd week long class where the students will create stop-motion animated movies called "Stop, Animate, Inspire!". Once created student movies will be burned to DVD's and posted on the internet.

Other Ways You Can Help

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