We Don't Want to Wait to Create!

My students don't have enough access to iPads in my art room. They have to partner up or take turns during their few precious minutes a week of art class. I hate that they have to wait to create!


iPads are completely amazing multifunctional devices that give my students access to digital drawing, painting, photography, animation, movie-making, on top of all the other academic functions of research, writing, and assessment. However when you have a class full of students and not enough iPads to go around the possibilities are more limited. Every iPad we can add to my art room benefits two children who no longer need to share in each of the 25 classes that filter through my room weekly. So, ultimately every iPad helps 50 students!

1 iPad 2 children x 25 classes= helps 50 students
2 iPads 4 children x 25 classes= helps 100 students
3 iPads 6 children x 25 classes= helps 150 students
4 iPads 8 children x 25 classes = helps 200 students 
5 iPads 10 children x 25 classes = helps 250 students 
6 iPads 12 children x 25 classes = helps 300 students
Currently we have 12 iPads in the art room. Every child is sharing an iPad with a partner. This means that they have to wait their turn before they can try their hand at creating. Sometimes this partnership is best for my students, but most of the time this is a frustration for my young artists who are desperate to have their opportunity to experience the joy of art making on these devices. I need 12 more iPads to completely fill my classroom and make my space fully functional for all the possibilities the iPad provides. But, we will take anything we can get. My students thank you in advance!

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We will send a thank you via Twitter using the @fuglefun handle.


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Audioboo Thank You!

My students will use their voices to send a thank you via Audioboo. Look for it from @fuglefun on Twitter.


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I'll Create for You

Allow me to use my artistic iPad abilities to create a piece of art for you based on any photo you choose.


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Personalized PD

I will put together a tutorial for you on how to create using the iPad. You can choose any lesson from my collection here: http://drydenart.weebly.com/creating-on-ipads.html


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Artistic Thank You!

Let us surprise you with a creative way to say thank you via Twitter. Look for it from @fuglefun


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