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We are raising money for our FCHS Innovations Class. Help make our ideas come to life!


Who are we?

My name is Don Wettrick and I am the instructor for the Innovations course at Franklin Community High School. This class is based in a similar fashion of the "20% time" model, however we work within the common core to create a real world, collaborative learning experience. We started with the idea that if you give students a class based on freedom and autonomy, they can accomplish great things.

To date we have been working on:

* Bio-fuel solutions for our school's via two bio-fuel companies

* Low cost technology solutions for schools on a struggling budget via Greenbridge Computing.

* Learning how Microsoft's Sharepoint technology can help solve some BYOD headaches.

* Creating a community resource center to help our town solve vital problems.

* Self-publishing and collaborating with other schools on a K12 book

* Student-led MOOC/wiki, Student HackEd, that has participants from all over the world

What we are raising money for?

Great ideas can be often be limited by funding and we want to make sure that we can fund the passions of our students. In an effort to do that, we are raising money to help develop and continue various components of this course. Some of the specific initiatives that the funding will be used for include:

-Upgrading technology

-Collaborative work spaces/furniture

-Self-publishing our book on Innovations in the classroom (set to be released in early 2014).

-Any extra funding will go towards student projects and needs as seen fit. (There will be a ton of them!)

Why you should donate?

We are asking you to support us because we are trying to not only get our own program off and running, but we want to help get this type of class in more schools across America. My colleagues and I have seen the amazing things that can happen when students are the “innovators” in the classroom. We want to share this experience with everyone we know and make it a nationwide initiative. Please help spread the word by passing this along to anyone that is passionate in education reform and/or wanting to bring greater student choice and collaboration to the classroom!

Want to learn more? Connect with us!


Youtube series:

Student HackEd:

Twitter: @FCHSInnovations or @DonWettrick

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